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Zabriskie Point
A Pink Floyd fan would not miss Zabriskie Point in Death Valley. The film by Michelangelo Antonioni was before my time, and I only heard about the movie after I have arrived in Death Valley. With the howling wind that nearly blew me off my feet, maybe I did imagine attending a rock concert by nature. Unfortunately it's a photographer's nightmare to have the wind so strong that one can hardly stand still and nearly blowing the camera off, not to mention snapping blurry pictures. For this picture, I climbed below the platform so the rock walls could somewhat block the wind. The price? A focused picture with wind only in my memory.

Picture taken: Apr-27-2009
Camera: Nikon D80  Lens: 18-200mm
ISO: 100  Shutter speed: 1/15 sec - F/8

Capturing a frame of life as it flies by......